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A ranger mission in a Land Cruiser.

Missions are something for you to do in case you don't want to jump in and build a park or if you don't want to do the exercises. There are Four types of missions for you to do: Safari, ranger rescue, ranger attack and dino muster.


Safari: These mission require you to take a Land Criuser and take photos to get the target score. You have three cars spare shoud one be destroyed. If all vehicles are destroyed the mission is over.

Ranger Rescue: Most ranger rescue missions need you to take control of a helicopter and control a dinosaur outbreak. And any people in the park must be rescued or in one mission they don't have to be rescued. Only once do you use a Land Cruiser in a ranger rescue.

Dino Muster: Like a ranger rescue you must take control of a helicopter you must make sure the dinosaurs are back in the enclosures in the time limit provided.

Ranger Attack: Similar to a Ranger Rescue, but no rescuing. Instead you have to kill Rampaging canivores in a time limit.


- If you beat all missions you will unlock Site B

- Missions are split in four groups: Ranger Rescue, Dino Muster, Safari, Ranger Attack

- In one mission dinosaurs can break into the park

- In the first mission you can open the park if your cruiser has crashed

- Rumored that there were originally 2 more missions added to the game.