The final design of the Food Stall ( on the right )

Food stalls are bulidings that provide food to visitors

Original DesignEdit

In most screens and trailers the Food stalls had a Burger Balloon, and a Model of a Sub. It's primary purpose is to give food to your visitors. It also has a Rest area (but visitors don't use this.)

List of itemsEdit

The list of items include Meals and Side orders( you don't need a side order )

all that you can change the price of.

Meals: Side Orders:Edit

Rex Burger Paleo SaladEdit

Thrill'n Chilli Fun FriesEdit

Sandwiches Edit

Dino DogEdit


- In Jurassic Park Park Builder, there is a Restaurant called Rex Burger.

- The Restaurant only seems to have food and not water, but there are two vending machines (for display.)

- In the Final Design The sub model was replaced with a Drink model.

- The old design can be brought back by modding.

- The old design appears in screens for excersises.

- There is a Rest Area where the visitors can rest( through like the vending machines its for display.)

- All item's names have something to do with the game ( except for the sandwiches.)