Dinosaur Origins is the second exercise. where you learn about the dinosaurs.


You begin at a unopened park, you learn about the reports, and the mail.

you are asked to locate digsites and to make several Torosaurs.

Finally, after extracting DNA you can make a Acrocathosaurus.

What the Excercise will teach you...Edit

The exercise is mainly about how to create and care for dinosaurs. It also mentions Mail, the buliding menu, and the reports menu.


- Corythosaurus is on the screen for the excercise, but it dosn't appear in it.

- The whole excercise is based upon hatching a Acrocathosaurus

- The Only dinosaurs important are Torosaurus and Acrocathosaurus.

- List of dinosaurs not needed:

. Parasaurlophlus


. Homalocephale

. Gallimimus